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  1. Hi Sev ^.^

    02/15/07 02:08:04 | 0 Comments

    Hmmm....That may just work <.< *Does the chin rubbing thing* XD
  2. Hi Sev ^.^

    02/15/07 00:47:31 | 0 Comments

    I'm known better for writing gothic horror or suspense. It depends on my mood. Do you want to see a sample of one of my old short stories?
  3. Return To Innocence

    02/14/07 22:07:38 | 0 Comments

    Eloa laughed lightly but she couldn't argue with Gabriel there. Ashley made it pretty obvious that she had a crush on Michael. Eloa moved away from the car. "Well it appears your right. She looks anxious to see you from here." She stated lightly as she nodded her head to the girl that seemed to be looking around from the front of the theater.